Bluehost Wordpress Hosting Comparison

I've been with Bluehost for 4 years now, and they are the best host among the one's I've tried. The problem with most others is that thay are OK in the beginning, but within a couple of years their service-level declines drastically. With Bluehost this has never happened. Even now when they are hosting over 700.000 domains, their level remains good. They recently switched me to a new server, and during the first couple of days I did experience some downtime, but their tech-support responded to my tickets promptly, and all glitches were ironed out, and now I have a faster response-time on my site. I have nothing but good to say about these guys, and I've had no trouble with getting quick answers from tech- or customer support for any issues I've had. I would recommend Bluehost to anybody, and this is based on my 4-year positive experience.


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